At Nonotú we breathe the Mediterranean breeze, starting with our own name, which is inspired by the Valencian expression "fer nono", which refers to when the very little ones are sleeping.

Because each of them is our main protagonist.

That is why we carry the idea of creating your new universe in a personalized and unique way for each baby. We do it infected with their tenderness and under the sole desire to help with our designs to transmit the magic, illusion and calm that they themselves give off.

We rely on a local and responsible business model.

Our workshop in Valencia is responsible for designing and manufacturing each bassinet or cot by hand. For this we work with 100% organic cotton, which has a positive effect on the baby's skin and the environment.

We believe in the soul of our products.

We work with the handmade philosophy, so that each baby can be pampered to the maximum in the various phases of the artisan production. You can choose the fabrics used for your products yourself.


It all started with the desire to "be creative" along with the passion I've always had for babies. When I was little and I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied that I wanted to be a mom. It was so clear to me and it only took me 36 years to be it.

In 2011, in the middle of the crisis, I decided to quit my job that did not correspond to my values and to search for my purpose. I didn't know what it was, but I had a great desire to get creative.

I am one of those who thinks that the dots always end up connecting , so that time came right when my first friends became mothers. One of them was looking for a baby bed, but unfortunately couldn't find anything that convinced her.

So I suggested that we pick fabrics and that I try to create a baby bed for her myself. Perhaps the many afternoons with my grandmother when she sewed with her old pedal machine left something behind. Because although I had never sewed before, the baby bed turned out beautifully.

Keeping that connection alive with my grandmother and having helped create something tangible for my friends as a result of an illusion, filled me with a sense of fulfillment. Also, they were so happy with the baby bed that almost 10 years later they are still telling me how special it is to them.

I had found my purpose.

Thanks to the great word of mouth and social networks, other friends asked and so the first orders came. After that I decided to create a blog where I would show my designs and orders, and so the first orders came from people I didn't know.

This is how Nonotú was born and ten years later I continue to work with the same illusion of making my contribution in these special moments for all mothers and fathers.


100% organic cotton

We take care of your baby's soft and delicate skin, while we also take care of the planet. We fulfill the OEKO TEX and GOTS certificates.


Our solid beech wood comes from sustainable forests. This is guaranteed by our PEFC certificate.

From Valencia (Spain)

From our name to our workshop. We manufacture all of our products in Valencia using locally purchased materials.


Our artisans have been shaping the bamboo cane with which we make the products for more than 20 years, and the textiles are also hand-designed in our workshop in Valencia.

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